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We Got almost all the Prizes in Chikamagaluru!

Last tournament was more of a trip than a competition. We went with our best students and almost all of them eneded up winning. Then we made a trip to a nearby hill station.

It was a tournament organized by Chikamagalur Chess Association in Vasavi Vidya Samsthe. It is located at the heart of the city.

I have been coaching online for almost 5 years now. After coming back to my hometown, I had plenty of time to teach a few local kids.

They have performed really good in this tournament. I can’t take all the credit because there were not a lot of players in the tournament.

We Got almost all the Prizes in Chikamagaluru!

We the players from Koppa were the majority.

Here is the result.

Final Standings Juniors

Final Standings Seniors

It was a good day for me because all my students ended up in top 5.

Chickmagaluru Chess Tournament Result

I got to meet some of the finest players and coaches there. If you are from Chikamagaluru and looking for a coach, then you can check with Shantharam. His phone number - +91 968 616 5039.

I have no idea on the fee and schedule. Please ask him for all other details.

After the tournament, we went to Kemmangundi. On the way we saw a place called Kallathigiri which had a small waterfall next to a temple. The water was freezing.

I realized that my car was low on gas in the middle of nowhere! I was using nuetral gear for most slopes and finally at one place called Lingadahalli we refueled and continued towards Kemmangundi.

After travelling on some of the worst roads, we finally reached Kemmangundi by 6:30. But it was already dark. It felt like midnight. All that travel was in vain.

Chess tournament then trip koppa chikamagalur kemmangundi

We had dinner at Mayura and were back home by 11pm.


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