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Learn inteactive and comprehensive ways to teach chess to kids. We provide chess worksheets and chess homeworks for free. Make use of our resources and teach chess better!

Welcome to KidsChessWorld

Chess is considered as one of the smartest board games ever invented. Though it was invented in India, the first ones to notice the intellectual benefits of the game are Russians.

Almost all the political leaders and thinkers in Russia were Chess players. No wonder they adopted Chess as their national game. Here in Kids Chess World you can learn chess in an interactive way. If you are a teacher, then KidsChessWorld provides you just what you are looking for.

Chess is Meditation 2.0

In the age of Smartphones, Attention Deficiency is an obvious side effect. I have found chess to be the best(fun) way to keep someone focussed on one single thing.

With focus comes concentration and with concentration comes deeper understanding of things around us and the things we want to learn.

Teach Chess

Here in Kids Chess World you can learn how to teach chess to kids (or any beginner) in a systematic way. I have been teaching chess since 2010 and I have encountered a lot things that might be useful to you. I have discussed many of them in the website. You can also make use of our resources to teach Chess! Yes! For free. Please visit About page for more information.

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Puzzle of the day

White to play and mate in two

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