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Kids Chess World Online Coaching

Online coaching is something I have been doing for a long time. I’m teaching a handful of kids who are performing really well.

Kids Chess World online coaching

It is better than classroom training because I get to have one-on-one conversation with the kids. This is crucial because I should know their strength and weakness to work on them.

I usually teach an hour a week. So one kid will usually get 4 hours a month which I think is enough. After every session I will be giving homework. The kid has to do it before next session.

Registered kids will have tournaments. They have to play with other kids of mine and a winner will be awarded on every quarter of a year.


  1. A Computer with a good internet connection
  2. Latest version of Teamviewer to teach chess online
  3. A headphone

That’s all that is required. Since we are using screen-sharing, the kid will be able to see my screen, hear my voice and control whatever is happening on my screen. I will be teaching them and giving them puzzles that they can solve live.

If you are interested then please leave a message on contact page or give me a call on +91 990 110 0972. Currently ( as of ) most of my slots are full. I will try to provide a slot on the weekdays if not on weekends.

Before I accept a kid, he/she should go through the assessment which will be conducted by me which will be free of cost. For available slots please check Teach chess online schedule