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Check and moving out

Check can be simply defined as "attacking opponents King".

When you attack your opponents Kings you can say "Check". Don't scare him/her by shouting out CHECK 😀 ! You don't even have to say it according to FIDE rules.

While writing it in algebraic notation, you have to suffix a ‘+’. Consider the below diagram. It is written as . . .  Bh4+

King can never remain in check.  You should always deal with the check first before any move. Below diagram shows the king being checked by opponent’s Bishop.



The possible escapes for the King are shown with green squares. You can deal with a check in three ways A, B and C. 


Here the King has 3 ways to avoid the check

1. Away – move the king  to d1, d2, e2 or f2.

2. Block – move the Bishop on g1 to f2, thus avoiding the check.

3. Capture – capture the black Bishop on h4 with your Rook on h1, thus eliminating the check.

I’m using ABC because it is easier for kids to remember. You can find such things in chess to make it more fun and comprehensive.


Let me know if I have missed anything about check and moving out.


Sharath is a full-time chess coach, part-time web designer and a hobby blogger. He posts his chess articles on KidsChessWorld