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Queen is the most powerful piece on chess board. She can travel to more number of squares than any chessmen. She is a combination of Rook and Bishop. So you can write Queen = Rook + Bishop. She has both the powers. Initially in India Queen was called as Minister. That makes sense because Queen doesn’t participate in battles in general. And that explains the power of Minister.

Name: Queen ♕

Points: 9

Queen can move any number of squares in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions. Queen can go to all the squares marked in green. Queen will be blocked by pieces of its own side. Here the Queen is blocked by the Bishop on f5 square.



Queen can capture an enemy piece standing on it’s way. Here the Queen can capture the Knight on c8 or the Bishop on f2 and after capturing, it occupies the particular square.



After capturing the Bishop:



Though Queen is very powerful, she’s taken out very late in a chess game because it is very easy to trap a Queen in the beginning.


Let us know in the comment section if I have missed any information about Queens or you have a better way to teach kids about how a Queen moves.


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